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Personalized Student Learning Plans


Personalized Student Learning Plans represent the future of individualized student program planning.

PSLPs will be generated during freshman year, and be added to, refined, and updated as students move through their grades. With the help of CCTS PROS (Peer Referral & Orientation Staff) - student leaders who serve as mentors for the PSLP development process - students will learn about their values and interests, potential career paths, education and training needed in their chosen careers, and what they need to know in order to be successful academically and socially at CCTS. In addition, students will develop and keep a central hub of best work, exemplary projects, writing samples, and other academic successes, as well as an ongoing resume.

Students who go through the PSLP process will leave high school with a clear direction of where they wish to go and what they need to get there, and the tools needed to market themselves to colleges, employers, or other organizations.

It is the goal of the CCTS PSLP program to help students develop a map of their future, a compass directing them down pathways of success, and the confidence to begin the journey to the future they envision for themselves.

Personalized Student Learning Plan