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Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Grants

The office of Curriculum, Instruction Assessment & Grants at Camden County Technical Schools is committed to preparing our students for the world beyond high school.

As a Professional Learning Community, we believe all students can learn at high levels. Our teams of teachers review student progress, revise curriculum, and meet weekly to discuss student growth. Across the curriculum, students are encouraged to enhance their communication skills and their ability to think critically.

Our student teams take their knowledge to national competitions sponsored by organizations such as: FIRST Robotics, SKILLS USA, Future Business Leaders of America, and many more. We are proud of our students as they are not afraid to take what they have learned in our courses, and use it to compete with other students across the country.

The leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills infused in our curriculum make our district unique and highly attractive at both of our campuses. We track the progress of our students after graduation and we are always very proud of what we find as a result.
A curriculum is nothing without the hard work of a teacher. Our faculty works very hard with our students to prepare them to be successful in a college and/or career path after graduation while ensuring that our lessons are relevant, rigorous, and engaging.

Thank you for visiting our Curriculum & Instruction page and for showing an interest in the great work we do at Camden County Technical Schools!


Karen M. DiGiacobbe
Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum, Instruction, Assessments & Grants
856-767-7000 x5414

    Carmel Nefferdorf
    Secretary - Asst. Superintendent
    856-767-7000 x5414

Lara Hilaman
Supervisor of Assessment, Data, & Instruction
856-767-7000 x4822

Lois Bucholski
District Supervisor - Planning, Research & Evaluation
856-767-7000 x5417

Tonya Davenport, Ed.D.
District Supervisor - Math & Science
856-767-7000 x5466

Amanda Redrow
District Supervisor - English & History
856-767-7000 x5414

Sean Kendall
District Supervisor - Career Programs
[email protected]
856-767-7000 x5299 or 7227

Robert Bryan
District Supervisor - Career Programs
856-767-7000 x5299
The Board of Education declares it to be the policy of this district to provide an equal opportunity for all applicants regardless of age, color, creed, national origin, race, religion, sex, marital status, disability, ancestry, affectional or sexual orientation, familial status, liability for service in the armed forces of the United States, or nationality.