Camden County Technical Schools
Technology Operations

Technology Operations

The CCTS Board of Education recognizes the use of technology in the educational process is an essential part of the schooling experience. We view technology as a resource to enhance the learning process among other resources available to teachers and pupils.

In addition, technology is used to enhance the administration of the schools and district. In order to provide direction and meaning to the use of technology as an instructional resource, we encourage and support our staff's use of technology as a component of the learning process.

The Technology Operations Department works with everyone to ensure our technology needs are met and provides security, research, maintenance and support for our district's needs not limited to the following: Installation and/or Maintenance and Individual Support for the following District Items:

  • Computers and software
  • Computer Servers
  • Fax Machines
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Telephone System
  • School Intercom System
  • Student/Teacher Email Program
  • Student/Parent Portal
  • Student/Teacher Active Directory
  • District Website
  • Data Management
  • NJSMART Reporting

Dino Valentino
Chief Technology Officer