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CSSA is honored to present our 2018 Award recipients, who will be recognized at the Annual Meeting.

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Join CSSA as we raise the visibility of crop wild relatives, Sept. 22-29.

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Impacts of Early- and Late-Terminated Cover Crops on Gas Fluxes
Sabrina J. Ruis, Humberto Blanco-Canqui, Paul J. Jasa, Richard B. Ferguson and Glen Slater
Pollinator Abundance in Semiarid Pastures as Affected by Forage Species
Krishna B. Bhandari, C. P. West, S. D. Longing, C. P. Brown, P. E. Green and E. Barkowsky
Microbial Water Quality: Monitoring and Modeling
Y. A. Pachepsky, A. Allende, L. Boithias, K. Cho, R. Jamieson, N. Hofstra and M. Molina
Association of SSR and Candidate Gene Markers with Genetic Variations in Summer Heat and Drought Performance for Creeping Bentgrass
David Jespersen, Xiqing Ma, Stacy A. Bonos, Faith C. Belanger, Paul Raymer and Bingru Huang
Trace Metal(oid) Accumulation in Edible Crops and Poplar Cuttings Grown on Dredged Sediment Enriched Soil
Mohamad Assad, Michel Chalot, Fabienne Tatin-Froux, Valérie Bert and Julien Parelle