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anytime - mShop

Top up your mKaart anytime

If you are using public transport you can top up your mKaart without going to a sales point or to a vending machine, provided you have an Internet connexion and a user account on the www.mshop.lu website.

Once you have linked your mKaart to your user account, you can choose from the whole product list available online.

Once you’ve bought a product, you have to wait until 4 am the next day before taking your mKaart to a "Pick Up" validating machine at any railway station in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A "Pick Up" station is a validating and information station that allows you to automatically load products you have already bought on the www.mshop.lu website. Initially, this "Pick Up" function will only be available at "Pick Up" stations at railway stations.