Phantom AI – Weekly Bitcoin Forecast | BTC weekly forecast will be developed with Phantom AI technology

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Why We Can
Apply Weekly Stock Forecast Technology

Indicators never give clear indicate
RSI/RCI, Bollinger Band, Fibonacci sequence, etc... You need math/statistic background to understand
Read the Trend
Phantom AI Weekly Forecast Engine will show the rage for next week from AI analysis of long/mid/short term trends
Check the Accuracy
Compared to Bollinger Band, expected accuracy of 68% within sigma, Phantom AI proved to output more than 80% accuracy for Japanese Large-cap Stocks
Is it going up or down?
Chart-reading is now in your hands; Phantom AI not only does clever job, but also easy to understand especially to non-techies

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Weekly Bitcoin Forecast ICO Project


Phantom AI for global market

Apply Weekly Stock Forecast Engine
for Bitcoin Forecast

Weekly Bitcoin Forecast

Well-suited to use forecast algorithm 
for virtual currency without asset-support

Big-data Analysis

With Phase3 development, we use transaction information 
of virtual currencies


Authorize Access to Weekly Stock Forecast

For users who hold more than 1000 PAI Tokens will have
access to Weekly Stock Forecast as well (TBD)

Higher Accuracy, Higher Value

Fund will be used to improve accuracy of Phantom AI,
reasons to hold our tokens

Authorize Access to Weekly Stock Forecast

For users who hold more than 1000 PAI Tokens will have
access to Weekly Stock Forecast as well (TBD)



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Artificial Intelligence

We are AI experts as we use AI to find the best-guess from fuzzy dataset; AI is not good at finding new theory from nothing as often misunderstood. ...

Financial Technology

Along with the academic adviser from best of the breed fintech scholar in Japan, we have dozens of PhDs and Masters in Math, Statistics, Finance, Comp...


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Our Team

Teamed up with state-of-the-art excellence from Industry, Technology, Customers and Academics

Taiichiro Kubo<br>Coordinator

Taiichiro Kubo


While he was a student at graduate school of Waseda University and developing web media and applications, he passed the certified public accountant examination. Immediately after graduation, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC where he was engaged in providing support for stock listings and internal control construction, as well as in auditing duties. He joined Ceres Inc. in 2015 where his main duties included investing in Bitcoin and blockchain companies, alternative listing to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, new businesses using Bitcoin, construction and operation of internal control systems and the preparation of securities reports. In 2017, he founded ”Adjust Advisory, Inc.” that provides support for ICO, stock listing and the like in finance as well as develops auditing tools for crypto-currency businesses.

Takato Fukui<br>Legal

Takato Fukui

Legal Advisor

Graduated from Sophia Law School in 2008. After working for about 5 years at a foreign-affiliated law firm, he worked for two and a half years at the Supervisory Bureau of the Financial Services Agency where he was in charge of legal affairs in the Nonbank Financial Companies Office which oversees applications of the Money Lending Control Act and the fund settlement law. He was engaged in development of administration guidelines regarding crypto-currency exchange business, as well as in supervisory activities on money lenders, fund transfer service providers, providers of advanced payment method and the like. In 2017, he began working at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, providing legal advice to FinTech companies including crypto-currency exchange traders, as well as to financial institutions.

Hitoshi Kakizawa<br>Accountant

Hitoshi Kakizawa

Blockchain Accountant

After working at Mizuho Bank, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC where he was mainly engaged in auditing for stock listing preparation and providing support for construction of internal control systems. He was involved in more than 15 IPOs. Since 2015, he has worked as a “Blockchain accountant” as part of the FinTech team for Deloitte Tohmatsu venture support. In addition to holding seminars and giving lectures related to ICOs, his works include consulting on blockchain verification, monitoring multiple crypto-currency exchanges, providing advice on risk assessment and auditing procedures, and improving internal systems. He is also engaged in information distribution to global firms.

Kenzou Arai<br>Blockchain Engineer

Kenzou Arai
Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Technology

While working at an SIer in the financial sector, he was mainly engaged in IT consulting businesses including construction and operation of securities trading systems and core business systems, system transfer and others. This was followed by work at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC where he was involved in advisory services related to FinTech and auditing for crypto-currency exchange traders. While involved in prototype development of multiple blockchain products at work, he participated in NRI Hackathon 2016 – Hack for Share as an individual and received the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Award (東京海上日動火災保険株式会社賞) and the Nippon Life Insurance Company Award (日本生命保険相互会社賞).

Ken Kawai<br>Legal

Ken Kawai

Legal Advisor

He received a bachelor’s degree in law from Kyoto University in 1988 and had been engaged in derivative transactions and other marketing activities for about 15 years at a major financial institution. He later worked at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune providing FinTech-related legal advice on a variety of subjects to FinTech companies and existing financial institutions. In addition to acting as a legal advisor to self-regulatory organizations concerned with crypto-currency, he is actively engaged in providing advice on laws and policies to public organizations, etc. both inside and outside Japan.

Hiroyuki Arai<br>Contents

Hiroyuki Arai

Web Content Manager

As an engineer, he gained experience in website creation using the PHP, HTML and CSS markup languages, SEO engineering and access analytics analysis. This was followed by work as a consultant to established enterprises, based on IT technologies and trends. He then worked for multiple IT companies, focusing on launching new businesses related to webs and apps, O2O and IP rights, gaining wide experience in launching businesses and companies, ranging from business development to management planning. His experience include launching seed phase ventures, advisory and mentoring on management strategy, organizational strategy and PR strategy, and mentoring on multiple acceleration programs.

ZAISAN Net, Inc.

ZAISAN Net, Inc.

ZAISAN Net, Inc. is a leading FinTech company with its CEO being a board member of the Fintech Association of Japan, and sees opportunities in “AI x Finance”. With its mottos “For easier and safer asset management” and “Providing you with professional asset management techniques”, it offers “Shisan no Madoguchi”, a user-friendly service that helps general users for easier self-analysis to take a next step, and introduces “Kabuto Yoho” to media, that effectively uses know-hows of experienced sales force and traders. For institutional investors, ZAISAN Net’s optimization learning process leverages big data analytics of accumulated stock price data, statistical analysis based on financial engineering, and machine learning AI, to produce Weekly stock forecast. It also sells AI chatbot that can recognize natural language. ZAISAN Net, Inc. is a sister company of Phantom AI, Inc. Although mutual investors do exist, there are no capital ties between the two.

Shirabe Ogino, Ph.D.<br> (Founder & CEO)

Shirabe Ogino, Ph.D.
(Founder & CEO)

We Know Business

He holds master’s degree from Harvard University and Ph.D from University of Tokyo. While attending graduate school, he developed new businesses with Sony, etc., including a 50 billion yen business reorganization. In his 30s, while at Sumitomo and Itochu’s VC, he invested in dozens of Silicon Valley companies and executed dozens of M&As and IPOs. In 2011, he joined GREE, Inc. where he led the Business Development Division and its subsidiaries. His duties included engaging in tie-ups, investments and exits, business launches and business divestitures. He established an AI × finance company ZAISAN Net, Inc. in 2015, and Phantom AI, Inc. in 2017 with the goal of developing the “Phantom AI Weekly Bitcoin Forecast”. He is currently a board member of the Fintech Association of Japan.

Nobuyuki Fujimoto<br> (Director of Market Analysis)

Nobuyuki Fujimoto
(Director of Market Analysis)

Director of Market Analysis, ZAISAN Net, Inc.

As a market analyst, Fujimoto has been called the marketplace’s “God of Fortune.” He meets with more than 200 listed companies’ management each year and provides individual investors with leads to companies enjoying true growth. He is popular for his unique and cheerful greeting “Ma-i-do!”. After working at Nikko Securities, Monex, Securities and SBI Securities, he assumed his present position, Director of Market Analysis at ZAISAN Net, Inc. In addition to hosting three flagship radio programs on Radio Nikkei, he makes a number of television appearances and contributes to newspapers and magazines as well. He is a member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan and the author of “IT Strategist All About Stocks Guide.”

Ryozo Miura, Ph.D.<br> (Academic Advisor)

Ryozo Miura, Ph.D.
(Academic Advisor)

Academic Advisor, ZAISAN Net, Inc.

He received a Ph.D in statistics from the University California, Berkeley. Since his retirement as a professor, he has been Professor Emeritus at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University. He served as the chairman of the Japanese Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering (JAFEE) from 2001 to 2005.

Tadashi Takahashi<br> (Director of Engineering)

Tadashi Takahashi
(Director of Engineering)

Director of Engineering, ZAISAN Net, Inc.

After working at Fuji Soft ABC, he established UMN. At ZAISAN Net, Inc., he directs the development of “Shisan No Madoguchi” and other web-based applications.

Shin Matsura<br> (Chief Editor of Kabutoyohou)

Shin Matsura
(Chief Editor of Kabutoyohou)

We Know Customers

Independent intra-Day Trader
Web-media editor

Media Coverage

Phantom AI Weekly Stock Forecast is implemented as Chatbot with Microsoft

AIの株価予想、チャットで提供 個人、投資判断に活用
AI-based Stock Forecast will help individual investors
















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