CS16, Fall 2017, zmatni |

CS16, Fall 2017 (Matni)

Lecture Notes and Slides:

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lect01 true Lecture #1 slides: Introduction to the class and to C++
lect02 true Lecture #2 slides: Introduction to C++
lect03 true Lecture #3 slides: Problem Solving & Flow Control
lect04 true Lecture #4 slides: Flow Control & Functions 1
lect05 true Lecture #5 slides: Functions 2
lect06 true Lecture #6 slides: Overloading Functions; Command Line Use in C++
lect07 true Lecture #7 slides: Design & Debug Concepts; Numerical Conversions
lect08 true Lecture #8 slides: Numerical Conversions; Intro to Strings
lect09 true Lecture #9 slides: File I/O
lect10 true Lecture #10 slides: File I/O and String Manipulation
lect11 true Lecture #11 slides: Arrays 1
lect12 true Lecture #12 slides: Arrays 2
lect13 true Lecture #13 slides: Vectors and Pointers
lect14 true Lecture #14 slides: Dynamic Arrays and Multi-File Compilations
lect15 true Lecture #15 slides: Structures in C++
lect16 true Lecture #16 slides: Linked Lists
lect17 true Lecture #17 slides: Recursion in C++; Sort Algorithms


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h01 true Introduction to C++ Thu 09/28 02:00PM Thu 10/05 02:00PM PDF link
h02 true Basic C++ Thu 10/05 02:00PM Thu 10/12 02:00PM PDF link
h03 true Advanced Flow Control and Functions Thu 10/12 02:00PM Thu 10/19 02:00PM PDF link
h04 true More Loops and Functions Thu 10/19 02:00PM Thu 10/26 02:00PM PDF link
h05 true Numerical Conversions Thu 10/26 02:00PM Thu 11/02 02:00PM PDF link
h06 true File I/O and String Manipulation Thu 11/02 02:00PM Thu 11/09 02:00PM PDF link
h07 true Arrays Thu 11/09 02:00PM Thu 11/16 02:00PM PDF link
h08 true Vectors and Pointers Thu 11/16 02:00PM Tue 11/28 02:00PM PDF link
h09 true Dynamic Arrays, Structures, Linked Lists, Recursion Tue 11/28 02:00PM Thu 12/07 02:00PM PDF link


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lab01 true Getting started with C++ Mon 10/02 08:00AM Fri 10/06 12:00PM
lab02 true Simple Flow Control Mon 10/09 08:00AM Fri 10/13 12:00PM
lab03 true Basic Functions; Passing Arguments into C++ Programs Mon 10/16 08:00AM Mon 10/23 12:00PM
lab04 true Void Functions and Command Line Arguments Mon 10/23 08:00AM Fri 10/27 12:00PM
lab05 true Binary <-> Decimal Conversions Mon 10/30 08:00AM Fri 11/03 12:00PM
lab06 true Using File I/O Data Streams & String Manipulation Mon 11/06 08:00AM Fri 11/10 12:00PM
lab07 true Arrays Mon 11/13 08:00AM Mon 11/20 08:00AM
lab08 true Arrays, Vectors and Strings Mon 11/20 08:00AM Wed 11/29 12:00PM
lab09 true Multiple Compilations Mon 11/27 08:00AM Wed 12/06 12:00PM